Comfort Care Centre 

At Catholic Homes we understand that at the end of your life, it is the little things that matter.

Our Comfort Care Centre has been designed to provide a warm and welcoming environment that celebrates life and supports wellbeing. We believe care should be a personal experience unique to you and your family

Our care model, ‘Care with Purpose’, encourages care staff to get to know you and your loved ones.

Your care is based on who you are, your needs and wishes. Our friendly and well-trained staff recognise that great care is achieved through partnership – we will involve you and the people who matter the most in planning your end of life care.

The purpose built facility is designed for the comfort of people in the last few months of their life.  The space has a welcoming family room and adjoining kitchen available for friends and family to come together to enjoy time with their loved one.  There is also an alfresco area overlooking peaceful gardens for dining and relaxing.

The dedicated and carefully selected team at the Comfort Care Centre are there to support you around the clock.  They are supported by a team of clinical professionals including a GP specialist, palliative care nurse, a registered nurse on site 24 hours per day and a clinical nurse.  Our team will work closely with any external specialists and consultants to ensure your individual clinical care needs are met. 

For more information, please contact the Clinical Services Manager on (08) 9356 4100.