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Knitting Guru

98 year old Pearl Williams has always led a very busy life and in between numerous activities fills, her time by knitting beautiful dolls for friends, family and fundraisers.

Pearl, who lives at Archbishop Goody Hostel in East Perth, used to knit many of the clothes for her four children and so when she found she had much more spare time on her hands, decided to put the skill to good use.

She powers through the wool at quite some speed and pictured here are just a few beautiful products of her hard work.

“It’s something I enjoy and I know it brings happiness to others,” she says. The dolls are gifted to those she loves or sold to raise money for entertainment events for Archbishop Goody residents.

Pearl has led a fascinating life. Her parents are British and Irish, both of whom were based in India working for the British Raj there. She was born and raised in India and as an adult spent many years teaching in English schools, mainly in New Delhi. 

She didn’t leave India until 1959, 12 years after the British rule of the country came to an end. She arrived in Australia, bringing her love of Indian food with her and still appreciates foods made with traditional Indian spice and herbs.  

She has four children of her own, four grandchildren, five great grandchildren and seven great, great grandchildren. Not surprisingly the younger members of her family really love the things she knits.

“I knitted a blanket for one my youngest great, great grandchildren recently and she just loves it,” Pearl says. “Her Mum says if ever she can’t sleep she snuggles into it and is out like a light!”