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Montessori Gardening Project Springs New Life

Involving our residents in activities such as gardening is important to their wellbeing. Our Montessori principles of enabling anyone to achieve their best by focusing on their strengths has time and time again helped bring residents out of their shells to engage in activities that give them meaning and bring them joy.

We called in the experts from Bunnings Belmont to help with the Marist Gardening Project and residents were invited to plant herb and vegetable gardens.

Along with many other staff including Lifestyle Facilitator Lyndall Ford, Occupational Therapist Carina Vigus helped with the planting and shared, “One of our residents Brian rarely left his room but he couldn’t wait to get started on the project and has volunteered to water the plants.”

In a few weeks, peas, roma tomatoes, runner beans, radish, rubarb, chives and basil will be blooming, and could possibly be appearing on the menu at Marist.