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Musically Gifted

Eighty-nine year old Lancee Clapp is one of Catholic Homes' most talented musicians and she loves to while away her hours playing the piano, electric harp and accordion. 

Lancee, who lives in Ocean Star Retirement Village in Bunbury, taught herself to play the piano at the age of seven because her parents said they could not afford to pay for lessons, but her natural aptitude meant she learnt quickly. She has spent most of her adult life teaching others to play and says she is as passionate about it today as she was as a child. 

"I have taught thousands to play over the years and have always given all my proceeds to charities, such as children's hospitals. I couldn't read music initially, but taught myself to do that over the years," she says. 

The proceeds from her lessons allowed hospitals to invest in new equipment, including a new incubator for Bunbury hospital.  

Lancee also plays the electric harp and the accordion, and is self-taught for both those instruments as well. In addition she plays in the local Senior Citizen's band in Bunbury, where older people come along for a dance and a singalong. 

"It is so much fun," Lancee says. "I have always loved sharing my love of music with others and find playing very therapeutic and relaxing."