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Talent at Trinity

A Trinity resident is a very productive and creative artist, producing works to fit in with monthly themes at the residence, and liaising regularly with a local early learning centre to contribute to art projects there.

Laura Meyers, aged 83, has been an art teacher throughout her career, and her work has taken her around the world to the Philippines, Japan, Europe and America, before bringing her to Australia, where she eventually settled.

Laura was a lecturer at Edith Cowen University for 20 years and taught across the spectrum for art, including history, graphic design and commercial drawing.

“I loved being a teacher and the opportunities for travel were endless,” she says. Most of her work was on American military bases, which lent itself perfectly to international travel, as they have bases dotted around the world.

It was health reasons that drew Laura to sunny Perth, due to recurrent chest problems that meant she was unlikely to survive unless she was living in a dry, warm climate. Thankfully she thrived here.

Painting is her passion and she likes to do interpretive pieces, such as a medley of colours and shapes to depict a staff member’s personality.

“It’s most absorbing and I love to create. I am fortunate to have a gift and I especially love working with colour,” she says.

The local early learning centre has donated a canvas and asked her to produce a piece of work for them based on a series of themes.  She plans to create something that symbolises Trinity’s union with the centre.