Retirement Living

Retirement Fees and Pricing

Independent Living financial information

Catholic Homes operates its villages under the Code of Fair Practice for Retirement Villages, Retirement Villages Act 1992 and the Fair Trading (Retirement Villages Code) Regulations.

Residents of our independent living villas (ILV) must enter into an Agreement for Villa Residency, under which residents lease their villa for the term of their lifetime (“Lease”).

You will be provided with a copy of this Lease to consider when a villa becomes available for you.

Prior to admission, selected incoming residents are requested to pay a holding deposit and have their private health practitioner complete a medical clearance indicating their current health status.

An “Offer Deposit” is payable on signing of the Offer to Enter into Agreement for Villa Residency. If the prospective resident terminates the offer prior to signing the Agreement for Villa Residency, Catholic Homes will refund the Offer Deposit in full within seven business days after the date the notice of termination is given to Catholic Homes.

If the Prospective Resident and Catholic Homes enter into an Agreement for Villa Residency the Offer Deposit will be deducted from the Entry Contribution Deposit payable under the Lease by the prospective resident.

Entry Contributions are based on market valuations and typically range from around $215,000 to $450,000 depending upon the location of the village, the size of the villa and the fixtures and fittings in the villa.

When you leave the village or the Lease otherwise ends, your Entry Contribution will be refunded less the following amounts, which are retained by Catholic Homes:

  • 5 per cent per year from the Entry Contribution for every year of residency up to a maximum of 30 per cent
  • Any amounts owed under the Lease, for example, fees owed to the date of key return only
  • If the villa has decreased in value, the difference between the Entry Contribution paid by you and the lower value
  • Leasing costs considered a requirement to ensure best presentation in obtaining the best market price at re-lease for all parties concerned, you or your family are kept fully informed of these expected costs.

If the villa has increased in value, you will be paid 70 per cent of the difference between the Entry Contribution paid by you, less the Leasing Costs and the (higher) Entry Contribution paid or payable by a new resident. You will be notified of Leasing Costs and Receipts for Leasing costs will be supplied you.

In addition, you are required to pay a fortnightly service fee to fund the operating costs of the village. Please refer to Independent Living Villas – Entry Contributions and Operating Costs for more information.

All Catholic Homes retirement villages are located on the same site as a residential aged care facility; these facilities are governed by separate Commonwealth Legislation. Catholic Homes cannot guarantee automatic transfer from a villa into one of its residential care facilities.

We do not change any fees for you to register your interest or to be listed for accommodation.

Once we have received the completed form, you will be given an opportunity to personally inspect the next available villa that meets your requested criteria at your chosen village.

If after inspecting the available villa, you decide you would like to proceed to lease you will be provided with the required Disclosure Documents to assist with your final decision.

For further information please download our Independent Living financial information PDF.

Fees and Pricing

Retirement Living FAQs

Catholic Homes owns and operates four Independent Living villages, as well as residential aged care and home care services. The organisation is an incorporated association (est. 1965) and a registered charitable institution.

Catholic Homes is governed by its Board and managed by a highly experienced executive team with a broad range of qualifications and expertise including business, nursing and health services, accounting and community development.  

Residents don’t own the asset but may benefit from any growth in its value when their villa is “sold”.

When you purchase a lease, your payment means that when there is capital growth on the property upon re-sale, you share in this growth. This is sometimes called a “capital share lease” arrangement.

Villa values go up and down over time in much the same way as your current residence. Under the Independent Living Village Agreement, residents receive the benefit of a proportion of capital growth, subject to conditions, upon re-leasing. This does vary between villages and organisations and you should check to see if an agreement allows you to benefit from capital growth. 

To qualify for residency, at least one resident in a villa must be aged 55 years or older.
All residents should be capable of Independent Living in the village.

Yes, pets may be permitted at the discretion of Catholic Homes and must be authorised in writing.

Incoming residents must abide by and sign a Pet Agreement Form, as your pet should not intrude on your neighbour’s amenity. Assistance and guide dogs are permitted.