Care with Purpose

Our model of care “Care with Purpose” aims to encourage you to remain active and busy for as long as possible and to continue to do the things that bring you joy.

Catholic Homes understands the joy of being at home. It is a place where people love you, where you feel safe and secure and where you are treated with trust and respect. Regardless of your age or ability, we will welcome you and make sure you feel relaxed, happy and at home.

Our Care Model

Care with Purpose is all about you deciding how you spend your day and how you wish to be part of the community.

If you live in one of our residences our team will encourage you to embrace your talents, try new hobbies, keep in touch with the people you love and see new places through our regular day trips and excursions.

At Catholic Homes’ care residences you can be as involved as you like – you can put your feet up or get involved in the day to day running. Our team can help find roles that suit your interests, skills and abilities. Likewise, our Retirement Villages offer safe and secure villas and you can always access all the facilities and extra support on offer from the co-located residences if you wish to. We will be there for you as much or as little as you need us to be.

Our Values

We commit to building a community of care where joy, love and hospitality are evident in our attitudes and actions.



We listen and respond to what brings life, hope and meaning to others.



We give the most important gifts of love and kindness to everyone.



We create a place where all are welcome and where people feel at home.

Pastoral Care

Providing pastoral care is an important part of Catholic Homes’ model of care.

We have a team of pastoral care practitioners who provide holistic care and who will help nurture your emotional and spiritual needs. We welcome people from all cultures and religious backgrounds and are here to support you throughout your spiritual journey,

Pastoral care addresses issues that may involve questioning and acknowledging our meaning of life, including:


Relationships, self-worth and belonging


Faith questioning and reminiscence


Grief in relation to change and loss