COVID-19 information

Staying safe, informed and connected

To help protect residents and staff, our priorities are to reduce the risk of transmission, ensure our residents continue to receive the best care, are fully informed, and can stay in contact with family and friends.

Catholic Homes sincerely thanks you for your patience and cooperation.


Yes, we understand it is important for you to see your loved one. You can visit your loved one and follow the set visitation requirements.

All residents will be provided with the care most appropriate to their needs, within the restrictions the Public Health Unit puts in place to stop the spread of the virus. We will ensure residents are updated on any changes to their care routines. Some changes you can expect will be in relation to meal services, hygiene procedures such as wearing full personal protective equipment, and a reduction in visiting services such as hairdressing.

Yes, you are able to take your loved one out of the residence. We recommend visits are limited to your family home or to an outdoor setting. Your loved one would be required to wear a mask to minimise the risk of transmission.

Yes, you will need to complete your own RAT at least 20 minutes prior to arriving to the residence or you may self-test outside the residence. A negative result is required prior to entry. A photograph of the test result with your mobile phone or device; use an electronic date stamp on the photo or take the photo with a clock/watch in the frame Bring the photo, and RAT sealed in a plastic bag, for checking by our staff prior to entry