COVID-19 information


Here we answer some common questions in the event of COVID-19 at a residence and the actions we are taking to keep staff, residents and visitors safe.


Yes, we know it is important for you to speak your loved one. During a outbreak, arrangements can be made to ensure families, loved ones and friends can talk to residents via telephone and video. For infection prevention and control purposes, we encourage families to purchase tablets or smart phones for their loved ones to use.

As the nominated representative, we ask that you please share information with other family members and friends of your loved one. 

Yes, we understand it is important for you to see your loved one. You can visit your loved one and follow the set visitation requirements.

Yes, you are able to take your loved one out of the residence. We recommend visits are limited to your family home or to an outdoor setting. Your loved one would be required to wear a mask to minimise the risk of transmission.

Yes, family members can take their loved ones home for the period of a suspected or confirmed outbreak. Please speak to the Facility Manager.

The My Aged Care website ( provides information for services related to emergency leave from residential aged care and home care support while out of the service. There may be restrictions on when your loved one can return to the facility.

All residents will be provided with the care most appropriate to their needs, within the restrictions the Public Health Unit puts in place to stop the spread of the virus. We will ensure residents are updated on any changes to their care routines. Some changes you can expect will be in relation to meal services, hygiene procedures such as wearing full personal protective equipment, and a reduction in visiting services such as hairdressing.

Partners in Care will come into effect should here be any issues with staffing. If you are wanting to volunteer your time and assist with caring for your loved one, please contact the Facility Manager. Please note PPE training would need to be undertaken for any partner in care.

Residents can have one Partner in Care and one nominated visitor. If a next of kin is unable to be a Partner in Care, another family member can be nominated. A Partner in Care form would need to be completed, please speak to the Facility Manager. 

Yes, the Facility Manager will notify you.

Under our care and supervision, the positive case would need to isolate in their room and receive the appropriate testing for a 7-day period. All other residents in that house/wing would not need to isolate in their rooms but would need to remain in the house/wing. RAT or PCR tests would be undertaken for anyone who was in close contact with the person of concern.

Yes. Families will be notified as soon as possible if a resident or staff member tests positive.

Standard protocols apply unless the government has declared an outbreak: visitors and staff are currently not required to complete a RAT test to enter our residences. Mask wearing is compulsory until furter notice.

Cohorting would be undertaken as a last resort and on the guidance of the Public Health Unit. Catholic Homes will contact all families to keep you informed if cohorting is required. We will ensure all our care and services during are suitable for people living with dementia and that residents remain closely monitored and cared for.

Catholic Homes Lifestyle and Pastoral Care teams on site will ensure activities for residents are maintained and people can choose to participate as much as they prefer.