COVID-19 information

How to Visit Us

The State Government is stepping up its response and increased measures are being introduced to help keep COVID-19 out of aged care. The Premier has announced new visiting arrangements for residential age care: effective from 1201am Thursday 3 March 2022 residents can receive two visitors per day.

Please scroll down for more information about safely visiting our residences.

We continue to work hard to keep COVID-19 out of aged care while ensuring families and loved ones can remain in touch. Please adhere to these arrangements unless otherwise notified.

Visiting residential aged care

Please note that the State Government’s Visitors to Residential Aged Care Facilities Directions No.12 remains in force with a maximum of 2 visitors per resident per day.

Facility Managers may use their discretion, for example, for visitation under special circumstances or for palliative residents. Please discuss your needs with the Facility Manager.

Rapid Antigen Testing for all visitors

Due to the increasing levels of COVID-19 in the community, from Wednesday 16 March 2022 all visitors aged over 16 years must provide a negative Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) as a requirement of entry:

  • Visits are limited to two visitors per resident a day, unless otherwise notified
  • Complete your own RAT at least 20 minutes prior to arriving at the residence (results fade quickly) and you may self-test outside the residence
  • Take a photograph of the test result with your mobile phone or device; use an electronic date stamp on the photo or take the photo with a clock/watch in the frame
  • Bring the photo, and RAT sealed in a plastic bag, for checking by our staff prior to entry
  • Proof of your full COVID-19 vaccination to be presented at reception.

It is your responsibility to ensure you source your own RAT test, noting that the State Government provides free RAT kits to all households.

Before and during your visit

Because aged care settings remain vulnerable and we need to keep residents and staff safe, please adhere to these directions and other measures until further notice, including:

  • Visitors at all times are required use our Zipline check-in system; please register for Zipline online at home if you have not done so, instructions are attached
  • If you cannot self-register or need help with Zipline, please attend our residence during office hours and our staff will be happy to assist you
  • If you do not check-in using Zipline and wear the white visitor tag supplied, you will be asked to leave the premises immediately
  • Masks remain mandatory in aged care for visitors aged 12 and older
  • If you are unwell, COVID-19 symptomatic or test positive, deemed a close contact or are not fully vaccinated you must not visit or remain on premises.

To ensure the amenity and safety of others, please observe the following:

Before entering, fit and correctly wear your mask at all times indoors; cloth masks are not acceptable; your fresh surgical mask must correctly cover your mouth and nose:

All visitors and staff must adhere to all infection and prevention control measures.

You will be unable to enter or remain on premises if:

  • You are over 16 years old and are not fully vaccinated or unable to provide vaccination proof
  • Returned from overseas in the preceding 7 days; informed you are a close contact; or tested positive or have COVID-19 symptoms.

Proof of vaccination

Our new Zipline electronic check-in system allows you to upload your vaccination certificate so you can confirm your status when you arrive, making check-ins simple and quick.

If you cannot check in electronically , or choose to provide a paper copy of your vaccination proof, you will need this bring vaccination proof and personal identification.

When you arrive at the residence

Visitors are invited to use our new Zipline electronic check in system which can check your temperature, confirm vaccination status and health declaration.

Please speak with our staff if you need assistance, we are happy to help you.

Visitors are reminded to adhere to all infection prevention and control measures, including mask wearing, hand hygiene, cough etiquette and physical distancing.

Catholic Homes sincerely thanks you for your patience and cooperation.