The nurturing environments and services we provide at Catholic Homes wouldn’t be the same without the crucial work done by our volunteers.

We offer volunteer programs through our Home Care and Residential Care packages to assist with the residents’ everyday activities and social interaction.

Home Care

Our dedicated and professional Home Care team offer a wide range of services to help our clients continue to live at home for as long as possible. These services include:

  • Nursing and Personal Care
  • Domestic Service and Gardening
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Meals and Nutrition
  • Respite Care
  • Pastoral Care

Funded under the Community Visitors Scheme, we also offer our Volunteers in Place Service. Similar to a ‘buddy system’ the scheme brings together volunteers and our clients who are looking for new friendships. 

If you think you can help support any of these services or have any questions please contact our Home Care Team on 1300 244 000 or homecare@catholichomes.com

Residential Care   

We have seven Residential Care facilities across the metropolitan area and Bunbury. We believe ageing should be a positive experience and that everyone is entitled to continue to lead a rich and fulfilling life.

Catholic Homes has won multiple awards for its hospitality, including two Better Practice Awards for the Circle of Men, which is a meeting facilitated by volunteers where the male residents of Catholic Homes regularly come together in a safe space to engage in conversation and storytelling.

To become a volunteer please don’t hesitate to phone one of our residences, Human Resources or Pastoral Care team as listed below. 

Key contacts

Archbishop Goody, 29 Goderich Street, East Perth, 6208 6000 archbishopgoody@catholichomes.com

Castledare Village, 108 Fern Rd, Wilson, 9356 4100, castledare@catholichhomes.com

Marist Lodge, 12 Lapage St, Belmont, 6477 6300, marist@catholichomes.com

Ocean Star Village, 207 Ocean Drive, Bunbury, 9796 6600, oceanstar@catholichomes.com

Servite Village, 184 Edinboro St, Joondanna, 9202 7600, servite@catholichomes.com

St Vincent’s, 224 Swan St West, Guildford, 9279 5055, stvincents@catholichomes.com

Trinity Village, 7 Beddi Rd, Duncraig, 9260 1100, trinity@catholichomes.com

Pastoral Care, 1300 244 111, pastoralcare@catholichomes.com

Human Resources, 1300 244 111, hr@catholichomes.com


Find out how you can be part of our community. Contact us on1300 244 111