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Freda’s Independence Day

Hip replacement surgery left Freda out of shape and virtually unable to walk, then she started working out in day therapy.

“I had two new hips when I was in England and that was the reason I wasn’t walking very well, really,” she said, “I needed exercise.”

As a member of a local over-55s club, Freda discovered our Day Therapy Centre in Guildford and decided to have a go.

“They assessed me for what sort of exercise I wanted and I have just been going from there. That was back in about 2013 or 2014.

“Since then I am walking so much better and I am so much stronger in my legs. I have no fear of falling at all because my legs are stronger.

“And then I lost some weight because I was overweight too. So now I am on a weight loss journey and an exercise journey and I feel so good!

“So far I have lost about 14 kilos … I am so happy and so relieved! I keep going into the cupboard and finding clothes that fit and the old ones are going out. It’s really good!”

Freda visits day therapy twice a week for arm and leg exercises plus workouts to boost her stamina. All are designed with her by our Wellness and Reablement Team to a care plan based on her goals and preferences.

“I feel good most of the time and my recovery rate is quick now,” she said.

“After I have been doing step ups at the end it used to wipe me out and I used to think ‘oh no, I’ve got to sit down at home for the rest of the day’.

“Now, after a few minutes, I am back up again, it’s good.

“My ultimate goal is that I am going to be able to stay independent; and the more active I am, the stronger I am and the slimmer I am, I can move about better and it will last longer.

“I am 77 now and I hope to be doing it, you know, when I am 97!”

Find out how day therapy and fitness can help you contact homecare@catholichomes,com or call 1300 244 000.