St Vincent’s welcomes Marist residents

In preparation for the redevelopment of Marist Lodge situated in Belmont, we relocated our residents to our beautiful St Vincent’s site in Guildford.

In the lead up to the move and with the help of our carers, residents packed up their belongings so when they arrived at their new home, their mementos and personal effects were already unpacked by carers. “Oh, it feels just like my room,” was a common sentiment shared by the residents.

Moving 32 residents during this time was no small feat and they were moved in small batches of 5 residents per bus with plenty of physical distancing and hand hygiene adhered to at all times.

When they arrived at St Vincent’s the residents received one-on-one care to ensure they settled in with as little disruption as possible. For many, it was the first time they had seen the St Vincent’s site and understandably they are absolutely thrilled with their new riverside home.

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