We enjoy building a community of care

Here at Castledare we have more than half of our residents regularly engaging in activities that they undertake to support and add value to our community.

Some have been sharing their efforts of a long time: Roland has been delivering mail and Alice has been folding laundry for over a year!

Ken has been a resident artist first at Servite and now continues that role here while also completing small maintenance works that are needed in his house.

More recently Esme has started setting the tables, Max has been doing the dishes and they have both complete our morning tea service rounds.

Esme helping at mealtimes
Esme helping at mealtimes

There are so many diverse jobs that people help us complete here, some of them are done every day, others every week and others are done at special events.

Being able to help out and contribute to our community is an important part of having purpose and feeling useful everyday.

We also have David who is assisting the Lifestyle Team as secretary and we enjoy a cuppa with him as thanks for his hard work.

We are so grateful for our residents in partnering with us do to help so many activities run smoothly.

We are also working on special boards in each house to acknowledge all the hard work done by the residents here, these will be unveiled at a special morning tea to give letters of appreciation for those that work with us. Stay tuned!

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Activities help promote wellbeing