See me, know me

A new initiative to connect staff with our mission and values has been introduced recently at Head Office in Burswood.

“We’re opening a conversation in a gentle way with staff to remind us of those whom we look after and the importance of older people in our lives,” says Executive Manager Mission Bernadette Brady, pictured here.

Inspired by Meaningful Ageing Australia, Catholic Homes’ See Me, Know Me project features colourful images of people receiving our residential care services captioned with words of inspiration and insight gained from a lifetime of living and wisdom.

“See me, Know Me reflects our mission and reminds us all that ours is an organization that looks after older people and values their lives and contributions,” says Bernadette.

Special thanks go to all the unique individuals who shared their stories and to the Pastoral Care team in collecting these interesting and thought-provoking insights.

Next time you are in Head Office please take some time to check out and reflect upon the See Me, Know Me stories.

Read more about our Care with Purpose approach here.

Photos in aged care