Meet Sheng

Chuang Sheng Yuan was born in Canton, Guangdong Province in 1921 and turns 101 in April !

He farmed with his family (he had two sisters and three brothers) every day until he retired at age 65.

Travelling to Australia with his wife in 1985, he returned to China for a short time, and then came back again to Australia in 1990.

Sheng is a prominent and valued resident of Servite where he speaks only Cantonese and can communicate in his own language with a few team members including his daughter-in-law, Kim.

Sheng misses Chinese food and he very much enjoyed joining fellow residents at Servite for Chinese New Year Celebrations, organised by ace Lifestyle Facilitator Domenica.

He also enjoys exercise classes, going to the dining room, and spending time in his room. Join us to wish Sheng a very Happy Birthday!

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