Paradise found in East Perth

We’ve refurbished our old courtyard into a sensory garden with a variety of new plants, hanging baskets and mosaics.

Transforming our courtyard has been a real team effort, which has paid off with a beautiful sensory garden now in place.

There’s been so many people who have helped us out!

Stephanie’s daughter arranged the mosaic materials and finishings, Maria put the mosaics together, Michael and Glenys planted the plants and Carmela, Glenn, Jo and Harry helped wash off the decorative stones.

Creating mosaics was a great activity for our residents to use their fine motor skills. Why is that important? Because this can translate to other important everyday activities, such as using cutlery for meals and using a toothbrush for brushing their teeth.

We are absolutely loving the space which we use to spend time outside in the courtyard to enjoy the sunshine and fresh breeze, have outdoor lunches, gardening and group activities.

Outdoor areas that are filled with interest, colour and activity provide sensory stimulation via sight, smell, sound and touch.