Welcome to Beach Avenue

Archbishop Goody resident Maria has been fantastic in helping us create our oceanic themed hallway.

As you can see, we have put a lot of effort in to give it a tasteful beach feel. The beach is important to many people at Archbishop Goody and new displays helps us distinguish each hallway from another.

Nicole and John live next to the hallway and helped name the artwork that Maria decorated.

Maria named hers in honour of her home country, East Timor.
She has expressed that she enjoys going down this hall to the chapel each day as it brings back memories of home.

It’s been a busy time for residents and staff when we finished sprucing our common rooms and corridors. We have been very excited about changing our corridors to be more engaging and unique, so we clearly know which of the many corridors we are in.

The team from the former Marist residence bought over lots of music related items and we have created a new ‘Fill in the Lyrics’ board so that we can celebrate our love of music.

We have enjoyed creating a more functional nursery for those that enjoy continuing their parental roles. Gradually we want to add more activities like folding the baby clothes, pairing children’s socks and sorting the laundry.

And at Travel Lane we have updated our world map to show where we all live! We need new maps of Europe and Australia as too many of us come from there to fit on the small one!