At the Technological Forefront

Catholic Homes is at the forefront of technological and medical advances in aged care ranging from electronic medication management and facial recognition technology for pain assessment.

Our sites are constantly undergoing upgrades too and combined with the latest technology, we continue to place our residents at the centre of their care.

iCare with Purpose

Since the implementation of the Telstra Health iCare system our existing paper-based medication management practise has evolved into a single electronic medication profile and signing sheet for each resident. Moving away from a paper-based system has not only improved the medication management for Catholic Homes’ residents, but has also freed up staff time to focus on personalised care.

The benefits of using iCare in medication management are numerous. With greater communication between pharmacists and medical practitioners, we’re producing a higher level of care by increasing the level of safety, efficiency and accountability.

The Telstra Health iCare Medication Management system has already been launched across six of our seven sites. iCare Phase 2 covering the Telstra Health Assessment and Care Planning is live at Castledare and will be rolled out at St Vincent’s in early 2020.

Painchek®, the World’s First Smart Phone Pain Assessment Tool

Catholic Homes is the first Western Australian aged care provider to be granted funding for PainChek®, the world’s first smart phone pain assessment tool.

Using facial recognition technology on a smart phone, the PainChek® app is able to automatically detect if someone is in pain by holding the phone up to their face and asking a series of questions. This ground breaking technology is revolutionary for those who can’t articulate their pain level for themselves.

This app is a game changer, particularly for those with dementia or unable to verbalise their pain. It is an invaluable assessment tool that ensures we recognise pain in all its forms. This in turn will lead to more timely identification of pain in residents who cannot express this effectively.

An estimated 438,000 people live with dementia in Australia but with PainChek® the behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia can be reduced by improving medication management, thus empowering all caregivers to accurately assess and manage pain.

PainChek® is a smart device technology that gives a voice to residents who have difficulty in verbalising their pain.

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Technology and Advances

All of our sites are constantly undergoing upgrades and in September Archbishop Goody launched their newly revamped courtyard, with the help of the residents and next of kin who were on the planning committee to help us chose the design.

One of the kitchens at Trinity Village received a facelift with new appliances, cupboards, countertops and a clean and modern design.

As the new St Vincent’s powers towards its completion, it does so with the latest technology including WiFi, TVs and individual temperature controls in each of the 86 rooms. LED lighting throughout the facility and a standby generator are just some of the upgrades.

With each of our seven sites employing a dedicated chef, a kitchen team and kitchens with the latest technology such as Tecnomac Blast Chillers, safely chilling food from 80 to 3 degrees in 90 minutes, and Rational 10 Tray Combi Ovens. The new kitchen at St Vincent’s is no exception and features the latest cooking equipment including the VarioCookingCenter®, a multifunctional boiling, frying and deep-frying appliance – one of the first to be installed in an aged care facility in WA.