Pastoral Care

Providing pastoral care is an important part of Catholic Homes' model of care. 

We have a team of pastoral carer practioners who provide holistic care and who will help nurture your emotional and spiritual needs. We welcome people from all cultures and religious backgrounds and are here to support you throughout your spiritual journey, 

Pastoral care addresses issues that may involve questioning and acknowledging our meaning of life, including:

  • relationships, self-worth and belonging
  • faith questioning and reminiscence
  • grief in relation to change and loss
  • celebration

Dementia Support Group

Instigated by Philip Carrier (Manager Pastoral Care Services), the monthly Dementia Support Group provides support to those who are affected by loved ones living with dementia. Regular guest speakers include Montessori Expert Anne Kelly and Dementia Educator Theresa Bates and sessions are usually run on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at Archbishop Goody Hostel and Castledare Village. 

For more information, contact the Pastoral Care team on 1300 244 111 or email