Residential Care - our difference 

In our aged care residences, you will notice these key differences:

 People are involved.

You will see people in our residences:

  • delivering mail
  • helping peel the vegetables for dinner
  • folding washing
  • running a game of bingo

Dining rooms are happy places. 

People in our residences:

  • get to choose what they want to eat from a buffet – at each meal
  • tablecloths and napkins are cloth not plastic
  • drink from china and glass not plastic
  • are social at meal times

The environment is designed for engagement.

In our residences you will see:

  • activities set-up for people to engage with as they walk around
  • signage around the home invites people to participate in activities
  • signage to invite people to make their own tea or coffee
  • photos of people’s life on their door so everyone knows who they are

Our care residences support everyone to live life to the full, tailoring care to who they are and their needs