Bear and his guitar

Our client has reignited his passion for playing blues music thanks to our home care team and a local music store.

Bernard, or Bear to his friends, received his first guitar for Christmas as a 12-year-old and has been playing ever since.

“I’ve always been into the blues, players like Buddy Guy – I’ve seen him five times. He’s my hero, I’d like to go to his nightclub (in Chicago) one day,” Bear said.

“I saw Stevie Ray Vaughan in Adelaide just before he died (in a 1990 helicopter crash).”

Inspired by his blues heroes, Bear had his eye on a new guitar and did not know his Home Care Package could help him out.

“I wasn’t sure what was available, so I talked to (Home Care Operations Manager) John, and he was so gracious,” Bear explained.

A few calls later, his Case Manager Paula organised a trip down to a music store in Wembley, assisted by our support worker.

Bear picked out his new instrument, an Australian-made Maton acoustic, which arrived a few weeks later after his package money was approved and paid to the store.

Bear is delighted with the result and could not thank his Home Care team enough.

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