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February's Old S'Cool Club Calendar

Our Old S’Cool Club is a great way to make new friends while connecting over similar interests in the community. The service helps to expand personal networks and to help reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Each month Catholic Homes sends out a calendar of activities (see the calendar of events for February 2020 below) run in the community such as bingo, dancing, coffee and meal catch-ups, expos, sporting events and cultural activities. Some of this month's activities include Opera in the Park, coffees at Dome and a Noctural Woylie Walk through Whiteman Park. 

Member participation is facilitated by Home Care staff and members can choose to do as many activities as they wish.

Some activites are free while others many incur a charge. To book or to find out more information please contact our support workers on 1300 244 000 or