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A Warm Welcome at Trinity Village

Moving into a retirement village can be a daunting prospect for many, which is why 88 year old Judith Goyder holds a morning tea for each new resident at Trinity Village in Duncraig.

Not only does she do that, but she also takes their photograph and places it neatly into a book she has been collating ever since she moved there herself in 2008, along with their name, so they can be easily identified and remembered.    

“The welcome tea and book entry has been a great thing for the village,” Judith says. “It makes sure each new person moving here knows they are really welcome and that we are happy to have them here.”

Judith says she has visited other retirement villages much larger than Trinity and that while she can see the attraction, she personally feels they don’t have the close knit community and family feel of smaller villages.

“I like and enjoy the more intimate feel and we tend take a genuine interest in each other’s welfare.”