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Andre Rieu ticks off Comfort Care resident's bucket list item

After the thrill of having Wildcats Captain Damien Martin visit last month, our Comfort Care House resident Wil Greathead expressed her obsession with Andre Rieu. As part of our Bucket List Project, Catholic Homes Lifestyle Facilitator Helen Haynes thought there was no harm in getting in contact with Andre’s publicist since Wil, also from the Netherlands, is such a devoted fan and has avidly kept every clipping about him for her scrapbook.

Within 30 minutes of asking, Helen was offered two free VIP tickets to Andre’s November Perth show. Helen soon realised the tickets weren’t for wheelchair access, which had already sold out. Andre’s publicist went above and beyond and explained Wil’s situation to the man himself.

Not only did Andre personally arrange to add two extra wheelchair seats to his show specifically for Wil, but also sent a limited edition magazine and CD’s not even available in the shops for an ecstatic Wil.

After hearing this feel-good story, Andre’s fan base just got that little bit stronger.