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Awards Dinner

Marist carer, Kathy Connolly, was shortlisted for a prestigious award in recognition of her exceptional contribution to the aged care profession.

Kathy was joined and supported by work colleagues and her husband at a special ceremony and gala dinner held in June at Crown Complex in Burswood for the Aged Care and Community Services WA Excellence in Care Awards presentations.

There are numerous examples of her outstanding work, and the one sited in her nomination was how earlier this year she used her days off to escort Georgette, one of the ladies she cares for at Marist, to and from her grandson’s wedding in Margaret River. This was a 400 kilometre round trip, which she willingly completed out of the kindness of her heart and without payment.

Georgette, who is in her nineties, has dementia and so needs quite a bit of assistance as a result. On the day of the wedding Kathy arrived first thing to help style her hair and get her dressed into her best outfit, before driving her to Margaret River.

The excursion was a wonderful surprise for Georgette’s grandson, who knew nothing of his grandmother’s plans to attend the wedding. It made the day extra special for him and brought great happiness to Georgette, who enjoyed every minute of the celebrations, thanks to Kathy

Kath is described by her work colleagues as “a joy to work with” and as someone who always brightens the atmosphere in the room with her cheerful disposition.

The awards' dinner was an extravagant affair, enjoyed by all those who attended, and it was a very proud moment for Catholic Homes.