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Christmas Kindness

Christmas often brings out both the best and the worst in us, but for one aged care staff member, it most certainly brings out the former!

Jennifer Smith, a Physiotherapy Assistant at Archbishop Goody in East Perth, is determined every resident should feel loved and spoilt on Christmas Day and recognises some might not get a visitor or gifts.

She therefore rounds up forty friends and family members and asks each to buy something special and meaningful between $25 and $30 for each resident.

“I ask my Mum, my Dad, all my nieces and nephews and lots of close friends to play Secret Santa and I drop hints in respect of the sort of thing the resident they are buying for might like,” she says.

“Some people have nothing and we have so much in comparison, so it is nice to do what we can to make their Christmas special too – I just love seeing the big smiles on the residents’ faces when they open their gifts.”

Jennifer has worked at Archbishop Goody for five-years and is renowned for her thoughtful gestures and for going out of her way to make the residents’ lives as happy as possible. She has been arranging the Secret Santa giveaway for several years now.