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Circle of Men Book Launch

Held on 22nd August 2018 at Castledare Village, the much-anticipated Circle of Men Book Launch was a huge success!

The book emerged from a facilitated meeting called Circle of Men, where the male residents of Catholic Homes regularly come together to engage in conversation and storytelling. The initiative promotes friendship and learning, helps reduce feelings of isolation and provides enjoyment.

Circle of Men was introduced to Catholic Homes in 2013 by volunteer Peter Fry, who had witnessed a similar model being successfully run in Queensland. With help from Catholic Homes’ Senior Occupational Therapist Elizabeth Oliver, the concept was introduced into Catholic Homes in Western Australia. Initially trialled in Catholic Homes’ East Perth facility Archbishop Goody with a small group of men, the project was eventually expanded into other Catholic Homes’ facilities. 

Circle of Men has won Catholic Homes two Better Practice Awards. 

The Circle of Men book features the heartfelt stories of sixteen of Catholic Homes’ male residents. Told in the third person through a series of interviews and edited by volunteer Ross Prout, some of the story titles include A Boy from Collie, Barbed Wire Bill, Bunyipus Australis and Me Too!

Since the book’s inception several of the men have sadly passed away, further emphasising the power of storytelling and the importance of creating a legacy. 

Judging by the energy in the room, we suspect those smiles will be radiating for some time to come.