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Dadirri: The Power of Deep Listening

Many will agree the power of the story only comes through listening, even so there’s a difference between listening and deep listening. Dadirri is another term for deep listening and an essential skill in palliative and pastoral carers.

On Thursday 5th April 2018, our CEO John Fitzgerald and the Catholic Homes’ Pastoral Care Team met with the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry team, which included Director Vicky Burrows and Pastoral Care Practitioners Donna Ryder and Reg Carnamah. There was a mutual acknowledgement that so much can be learnt from each other especially in the way we provide spiritual and pastoral support to both communities. Embracing dadarri and learning from the rich wisdom of our own Indigenous heritage is a highlight of meeting regularly.

Catholic Homes Manager of Pastoral Care Services Philip Carrier says, “To be effective as Pastoral Carers we need to be able to hold a healing, listening presence.” There’s no disputing Philip and his team endeavour to practice this skill in their support of residents and their families. “Our presence” he says “can be a calming influence, encouraging one to open up without fear or judgement.”