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Digital Life Stories collaborates with Curtin University

“I always knew I’d be a film star one day like Liz Taylor. And I was the star in that clip!” – Clare Fox

Clare is one of our Castledare residents who took part in the Digital Life Stories project, which we’ve been working on with Curtin Occupational Therapy Students since 2013.

The project aims to show the person behind the condition and to inspire future students to consider a career in aged care while creating a precious memento for those involved. Over time, the students have developed lasting relationships with some of the residents as they tell their stories through photos, images, music and interviews.

We had a screening last Thursday and attended by over 100 residents, families and students, Senior Occupational Therapist Elizabeth Olive did an amazing job bringing the project to fruition.

Feedback has been wonderful!

“It was fantastic to see my story. I didn’t realise I had such an interesting life!” – Roland You