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Friendships Thrive Across Ages

Intergenerational friendships are forming between elderly residents in Guildford and Wilson and children at Cannington Mulberry Tree Childcare and Kindergarten.

The program is aimed at encouraging companionship and connections between young and old.

Catholic Homes chief executive Sonya Smart said the benefits extended both ways, with the children and residents involved genuinely enjoying their time together. “We’re delighted by how well our intergenerational partnership with Mulberry Tree has been received, by both the residents and children alike,” she said. “Older people love younger people, particularly little ones. It reminds them of their past, and it’s an opportunity to share helpful parenting tips and stories about their own childhood.”

In between visits, regular deliveries of artwork, cookies, photos and letters have been finding their way between Castledare, St. Vinvent’s and Mulberry Tree.

Cannington Mulberry Tree manager Melissa Calyan said many of the children cherished the friendships, because their own grandparents lived overseas. “It also encourages the children to explore the diversity of different cultures, heritage and traditions of the residents, and helps to develop the children’s own social and cultural heritage,” she said.

Liam and Emily have struck up a friendship

Midland Reporter, Tuesday, August 12 2014