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Happy Easter

Easter Beach

Easter is the most significant part of the Christian calendar. An ancient story of the life and death of a simple man who rises from the ashes to new life. This seemingly has little relevance on our complex and ever changing universe, but in this current world however, suffering and death are real and ever present for so many.

Bernadette Brady, our Executive Manager Mission, shares some wise words, “What the story offers to everyone, regardless of belief in a particular faith or God, is essentially hope.  In the midst of our deepest sufferings, greatest losses, intense loneliness, fearfulness and distress, there is an opportunity for new life.”

 Castledare chick Moira

Easter is all about celebrating new life and Catholic Homes has been celebrating in style this week.  No more so than with the hatching of chicks, and Charlotte the bunny, as Castledare Village’s newest resident.

Residents of St Vincent’s had wonderful food and service served up with an afternoon tea at the Cheese Barrel in the Swan Valley. And judging by these photos dinner probably wasn’t required.

St Vincent Cheese Barrel

Bunnies were abuzz at Trinity Village with a lovely luncheon of oven baked salmon with hollandaise sauce, followed by mashed potatoes, glazed carrots and baby spinach and a fresh fruit nest for dessert. “It was the best luncheon ever,” declared one of our residents.

Trinity East ears1

Residents also helped make decorations for the lunch, took a punt in the Easter raffle and they’re looking forward receiving a delivery of Easter eggs from Sacred Heart students.

Many were left wondering who and what was responsible for those heavenly smells wafting by as some of the residents helped the chef prepare a delicious lunch of lamb shanks. There weren’t any arguments over the washing up as plates would have been licked clean if it weren’t for the gnawed bones.

Chicken eggs incubated and hatched just in time to give the residents of Archbishop Goody a cuddle, under the supervision of Milo, the official guard dog.

Archbishop Goody

The very talented Chef Praween Ramsahye, at Marist Lodge, is looking forward to creating a beautiful fish dish for Good Friday, followed by a special Easter cake. It’ll be a double commemoration as resident John also celebrates his birthday. On Sunday the residents will be enjoying hot cross buns, Easter eggs and a roast.

Hot cross buns

This Easter take the opportunity to look for signs of love, joy, hospitality and new life around you. Little sparks of light will be there, even in the darkest days.

Have hope. Find it in your own story.

Chief Executive John Fitzgerald says, “On behalf of everyone at Catholic Homes we wish all our residents and clients and their families a safe, happy and blessed Easter 2018.”

Easter eggs and ears