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Massage therapy for Bunbury residents

Ocean Star residents in Bunbury are enjoying a new massage room, which was created by staff member Michelle Laing. Michelle joined Catholic Homes as a clinical nurse late last year and said she wanted to give back to an organisation from which she gains so much.

“I initiated it because I saw the need and the room wasn’t being used for anything else, so I thought it would be the perfect use of the space,” she says.

Michelle gathered all the materials required to perform the interior decoration; cushions, lights, blankets and candles etc, and says she gained great satisfaction from seeing the project coming together.  

“It was fun working out the colour scheme, finding the bits and pieces and lighting to help create the right atmosphere,” she says.

Michelle explains that touch is a very important sensation and something people often miss out on as they grow older, so by offering massage she is able to add that dimension back into residents’ lives.

She says a few of the residents love it so much they make regular visits and some simply love to use it as a space to rest and relax in. Michelle gives them the option of a hand or small vibrating massager as an option for treatments, but says most prefer the personal touch to the electronic device.

“The physical contact seems to have such a simultaneously invigorating and relaxing effect on residents; you can visibly see them unwind and feel more comfortable in their own skin.”