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Purrrrfect Therapy!

The soothing fur and purr of a cat is bringing happiness to residents at Trinity in Duncraig.

Lifestyle Facilitator Natasha Centis brings her cat Cindy into work and gives residents the opportunity to let her sit on their lap and stroke her.

“They absolutely love her and love the warmth of her on their lap,” Natasha says.

“Cindy is a recue cat and having been abandoned by her previous owner is especially appreciative of affection from people.”

Cindy was chosen by Natasha’s son when he was just three years old. She says they formed an instant bond at the centre from where she was rescued and that he has helped nurture her beautiful feline temperament. 

"She is the perfect cat to bring into Trinity as she is so easy going and loves every opportunity to sit on a resident's lap and receive a little extra love," Natasha says.