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Servite Residents take up the Palette

Artwork classes, which were introduced at Servite nearly three months ago, are proving to be very popular among residents. The lessons were started using a Montessori grant of $10,000 donated as part of the “Have a Go” initiative, which encourages people to try new things to see if they have a hidden talent or simply enjoy it.

Assistant Physiotherapist Steve Riley is the art teacher and says the classes are very therapeutic; "It's bringing out lots of hidden talents and is great mentally as it stimulates the mind."

 Naomi Moylan, the occupational therapist at Servite, says the art classes have helped draw residents out of their shell.

“It’s been really good and we notice residents who were previously much more introverted seem more relaxed and outgoing,” she says.

“Take Ken White; he is a new resident and it’s such a positive experience to see what is happening as a result of the art lessons.”

Naomi says the classes seem especially beneficial for those residents with dementia.

The art classes are held every Wednesday at 1.30 and run for approximately one hour.

Servite Residents take up the Palette