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Spotlight on Trinity Village

It's been a very busy month at Trinity Village ranging from afternoon tea with members of the Board, the Montessori trial at House 34 and the Trinity Village Men's Group Bench Project.

Trinity Village Men’s Group Bench Project

In honour of one of their dearly departed friends, residents from the Trinity Village Men’s Group finished their garden bench project. They celebrated with a cold class of ginger beer and took the advice of the bench plaque that reads, “Be seated, be happy.”

A big thank you to Project Facilitator Nissa Barclay and carers Linda and Paula for your help, and of course to our residents Kim Taggart, Les Brown, Des Fitzgerald and Victor Curtis on their successful project.

Afternoon Tea in the Garden

Board members Father Vincent Conroy and Daniel Lynch paid our lovely Trinity residents a visit a couple of weeks ago. They enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea, a tour of the facility and all that glorious afternoon sunshine.

Montessori Trial at House 34

On a trial basis at House 34 in Trinity Village, daily Montessori activities are offered to selected residents. From 1pm until bedtime, one-on-one activities include cooking, baking, peeling vegetables, singalongs, pampering sessions, picture bingo, balloon tennis, folding laundry, setting the table, washing dishes and sensory activities.

Kylie Choong, Montessori Champion/Behaviour Support Occupational Therapist, says, “We have targeted residents living with dementia, who are withdrawn or unable to self-initiate to participate in the trial. We have noticed how they’re tapping into their skill set to engage with various activities. For example, there’s one resident who is normally quite withdrawn but after spending time at House 34, she becomes quite talkative and is keen to share stories.” 

The trial runs until April, at which point, the results will be assessed based on pre and post-trial behaviours to determine if the program runs on a more permanent basis.