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St Vincent's Ground Breaking Ceremony

Over 40 members of the community and Catholic Homes attended a milestone event on Wednesday 27th June 2018. A Ground Breaking Ceremony perched on the Swan River’s edge was a fitting spot to mark the commencement of work for the redevelopment of St Vincent’s.

Executive Manager of Mission, Bernadette Brady, opened the proceedings with a story she’d heard from an Aboriginal elder woman. It’s common for many Aboriginal groups to practice a custom inherited from days gone by when groups travelled across the country over vast expanses of dry land.

Whenever they came across a body of water – a lake, creek, river or ocean – the custom was to introduce themselves to it. To tell the body of water why they were there, what they wished to receive from it, such as to drink from it, or fish or swim or bathe. And to give thanks for its presence and gifts offered to them.

This story stayed with Bernadette and she shared, “I reflect on the importance of water and the impact of human development and habitation on it. Today, we are here as Catholic Homes, to mark this land, to name our purpose and to use it for the care, protection and safety of others.”

Contemporary in style, the new building is designed with state of the art facilities including 81 beds, comprising 75 single rooms and six suites. There will be easy access to the large communal living spaces and serving kitchen, not to mention the beautifully landscaped grounds and specially commissioned public art displays. A large underground carpark will also aid access to the site. The facility will allow our residents to continue to enjoy the stunning view, around-the-clock care and a nurturing community.

Built in 1890, the original Bebo Moro homestead remains on the site and will be rejuvenated to its former glory to house a GP, pastoral care offices, a gymnasium, physiotherapy and podiatry rooms, plus a communal lounge. The historic store and cellar located to the west of Bebo Moro will also be restored to fulfil its original purpose for the new facility.

Bebo Moro is a Nyungar word for ‘bend on the river,’ which perfectly encapsulates its prime riverside location. Built as a grand home in the Federation Queen Anne style, the Sisters of Charity further developed the residence into an age care home in the late 1950s and early 60s.

Board Member Marina Re said, “We are so excited about what can happen here! It’s an opportunity to show leadership and innovation in aged care, and contribute services to the local community in Guildford, and the wider Western Australian community.”

Catholic Homes CEO John Fitzgerald said, “Community engagement is vital as we want our current and future generations to consider St Vincent’s as more than just an aged-care facility, but as their home, where they can live and thrive with Joy, Love and Hospitality.”

Catholic Homes has dedicated over 50 years to aged Western Australians, and just as the Swan River courses on, so too will our level of dedicated care and service. 

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