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St Vincent's Nearby Sweet Temptations

The next time you’re in Guildford visiting a loved one at St Vincent’s you might like to sweeten the trip in the nearby Swan Valley. Western Australia’s first wine region is well-known for its wine, but did you know about the Sweet Temptations Trail?

But before we start did you know that in some parts of the world there are bees suffering from dementia caused by pollution and contamination? Not that this is an issue in WA’s pristine environment but it does make you appreciate the Swan Valley’s native bushland and healthy bees just that little bit more.

On the Sweet Temptations Trail, the House of Honey offers many varieties of honey including Leatherwood, Redgum and Blackbutt, as well as several meads. It would be almost unsavoury to not drop into the onsite Sticky Spoon Café for a slice of honey cake.


Macarons in every flavour of the rainbow, crepes and croissants tempt at the French patisserie Maison Saint-Honore.

Mondo Nougat and Morish Nuts make good neighbours, and it would be futile trying to visit one without the other. Using locally sourced ingredients where possible, Mondo Nougat gives the traditional Italian recipe an Australian twist with soft or crunchy flavours such as pistachio, chocolate and cherry. Moorish by nature, Morish Nuts have spent the last 24 years perfecting their signature caramel coated nuts crafted from a secret family recipe.

The region’s oldest winery, The Olive Farm has no shortage of sweetness, with their extensive range of aged fortified wines. While Pinelli Estate Wines is famous for their Italian-style Pink Moscato Frizzante.

Honey, chocolate, cake, nougat, French patisseries and sticky liqueurs are just some of the Swan Valley’s sweetest things and follow the Sweet Temptations Trail for more details.