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The 100 Club

 number of Australians living beyond 100 years of age is higher than ever before. Did you know Catholic Homes has its own share of centenarians?

We put the question to our very own centenarians and asked: What is your secret to a long and happy life?

Castledare resident Betty Cherry turned 100 on 27th September 2019 and shares, “The secret to a long and happy life is to have a good partner beside you.” Betty mentioned she couldn’t believe she was turning 100 and just wished she could share it with her husband who has passed away.

Also from Castledare, the 105-year-old Kathleen Lawrence says, “Just keep breathing. That’s all you can do and eat healthy, don’t drink alcohol and have a good sense of humour.”

May Grant turned 102 on 12 July 2017 and lives at Castledare and pragmatically says, “It depends on the person and whether they want to make his or her life happy or not.”

Archbishop Goody resident Pearl Williams celebrated her 100th on 29th December 2019 and likes to keep busy and continues to knit, make toys, stay connected through her iPad and attends all the activities at the facility.

Pearl believes, “In my view, the secret would have to be just getting on with life and taking whatever life throws at you. Accept your problems and deal with them.”

Wise words to live by, at any age.

Please read the full article below as published in Dove Summer 2019