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The magic of Tim Tams

There’s a lot to be said for a decent cup of coffee and a chocolate biscuit’s mood lifting powers, which is probably why the Mocha and Tim Tam mornings, introduced recently at Ocean Star in Bunbury, are such a great success.

They’re the brainchild of domestic worker Robyn Gibbons, who came up with the idea to encourage residents with reservations about socialising in the community room to come along and join in on the fun socialising that takes place there.

“By enticing residents in with a delicious coffee and biscuits, they then have the opportunity to chat with fellow residents, have a sing song if the piano’s being played or generally just relax and soak up the atmosphere, Robyn says.

Robyn adds that she knew it was a winner when a resident who had not wanted to go into the communal rooms for several years decided to become a committed attendee at the mocha and Tim Tam mornings.

“Dennis just loves these mornings,” Robyn says. “They have given him a new lease of life!”