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Update on St Vincent's transportable kitchen

Transportable kitchen installation

In keeping with the Easter tradition, the extension of new life and transition comes in all forms. Sometimes the signs are subtle and other times it’s as obvious as the installation of the new transportable kitchen at St Vincent’s.

The transition began in February and although there were some minor hiccups, the residents have continued to receive a seamless catering service.

Portable kitchen construction

Chef Adrian Fingleton has been pleased with the progress and says, “The food transition went off without any dramas, and although there were some changes to the way we provide service, there haven’t been any shortcomings with the quality of the food and service.”

While outsourcing the catering was one option, Catholic Homes pride themselves on their cuisine and opted to continue serving food in-house from the transportable kitchen. Although there was some of the disruption expected from a renovation of this calibre, Chef Adrian Fingleton led the transition with the relocation of the fridges, freezers and equipment while keeping the staff and residents informed of the progress. 

Portable kitchen interior