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Where there's smoke...sometimes there's no fire

Did you know that each year the Department of Fire & Emergency Services (DFES) respond to approximately 10,000 false fire alarm activations; that’s around 27 a day!

These false fire alarm activations came through Direct Brigade Alarms (DBAs) as well as privately monitored alarms.

While it’s good news the alarms didn’t result in fires, false alarms disrupt the community, cause complacency and business downtime. They also divert the DFES away from legitimate responses, which could potentially lead to loss of life and property.

The DFES recommends the following simple tips to avoid false fire alarms:

  • Ensure the maintenance of your fire alarm system is appropriate
  • Don’t leave cooking unattended
  • Don’t walk away from a toaster that is in use
  • Don’t use aerosol sprays near detectors
  • Manage work activities that produce dust, heat or smoke
  • Understand your fire alarm system, how it works and what can set it off

Since 1 October 2009, mains powered smoke alarms must be fitted in residential buildings and comply with the relevant Australian Standards. 

For more information about reducing the chance of a false fire alarm to go