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Sheer Dedication!

A remarkably dedicated kitchen aid working at a Catholic Homes’ aged care residence is so committed to her role she has remained at the same location for a quarter of a century, despite having to switch employers a series of times.

Shona Giblett joined Archbishop Goody in East Perth in 1992 and says even though the catering contractor has switched over the years, she has such a love for the residents she has not had the heart to move on herself.

“Archbishop Goody has become a part of my life and as the years go by, I find myself getting more and more attached to the residents and their family,” she says.

“I have always had a love for the elderly and just love spending time with them and making their lives happier.”

Shona says as the years have passed and different catering contractors have been employed, she has striven to achieve different goals, but has always given 100 percent; “I am a perfectionist and just love what I do and love working hard.”

She says the most dramatic change she has witnessed has been the impact of the introduction of Care with Purpose, using Montessori principles, which has seen the majority of meals become self-service.

As part of her role as kitchen aid she oversees the laying of the tables and is on hand at meal times should anyone need help with serving their own food, so gets to enjoy a great deal of interaction with those living at Archbishop Goody.

“It has transformed the residents’ lives and they seem so much happier. They love getting their own meals and it is so much nicer for them just to choose on the day depending on their mood.”

Shona says she has no plans to leave Archbishop Goody and is looking forward to many more happy years there.